A little about us....


There were a lot of benefits to growing up in the suburbs in the 80s.  However, as a self-described alternative girl, interesting clothing choices was not one of them.

As soon as I was old enough I was heading downtown, into the big city (yay, Toronto!), scouring Kensington Market’s vintage row to find things that reflected my own unique, nostalgic perspective on fashion.

Of course, the 80s were a long time ago and I’m no longer a shy but headstrong teenager with the time or patience to spend hours looking for that perfectly quirky outfit to wear to school the next day.  I’m now a shy but headstrong woman whose body may look a little different but I still want things to fit, to be comfortable and to make me look great.  My love of vintage and nostalgia has grown over the years and I still want to feel like ME in what I wear.

That’s what Mandala Design is all about.

There’s nothing like seeing a woman come out of the change room with a huge smile on her face.  A smile that says; I love this!  I look good!  This is ME!

Mandala is designed and made in our St. Clair West studio-store! We all take turns taking care of you in the front of the shop and Mandy and a small team of sewists are hard at work creating new styles and production in the back. There's always something happening and we'd love to share a little of our 'vintage-vibe' with you!

Stop on in and say hello!

~The Mandala Gang

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